Embracing Your ‘Intangible’ talents

‘It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live a replication of someone’s else’s perfectly.’- Elizabeth Gilbert


Guys I’m back. I kind of lost my light for a moment there but this weekend many things happened to unlock it, and now I know for sure that I’m back. I’ve been away from writing and being online truly for a few months and it’s time for an honest post because at the end of the day this was my promise when I started this: to create a vulnerable community of people who want to access the fullness of their lives.


One of the things that brings this fullness to reality is the total acceptance of exactly who you are. Maybe it had something to do with Friendsgiving two weeks ago, or Paris this past weekend or a very frank conversation with both my people but I feel like I have sort of returned to myself. I think in the busyness of a new stressful job I had somehow started to sink into someone’s else’s definition of this full life I strive so diligently to live. The danger of throwing yourself fully into work that isn’t directly aligned to your purpose/talents is that You tend to forget the true things that give you life and I had to be smacked back to reality and reminded of the quote for today.

Many small moments contributed to this back to me ‘Me’. En route back from Paris my siblings and I played theAnd, (FYI this is an incredible game!) and one of the questions was ‘what are you jealous of me for?’

My brother and I quickly said of my sister: the fact that you know what you want to do and you’re so passionate.

After telling me off for seemingly forgetting who I am (because as far as she’s concerned so do I), she said: “how you are with people. I’m jealous of how you are with people.” In my usual fashion, I said ‘Hmmmm’ and moved on, but upon reflection this simple statement is actually the full way to describe what I would call my intangible talent.

What is an intangible talent? Well it is a natural skill that you have that may not seem easy to build a life around. You do it effortlessly and people are usually in awe of it but you yourself find it so intuitively normal. To fully access the potential of your intangible talent you’ll have to commit to exploring the ways in which is can contribute to your world. Is yours coming to mind?

I have probably shared this many times before but I just love to gather people and make them feel comfortable and at home thereby opening them up to share their views and experiences. At first, when we would have such profound moments at my dinner table, I thought it was rare, but now I know that it is actually a talent for me to create such an atmosphere for people.

More and more people in our generation are building their careers on these intangible talents and it is amazing to see. However, the decision to do so is definitely not easy. Do I want my talent to make me money yes, I do. BUT the truth is all of the normal and boring talents are already making someone else money. So, it becomes my “hero’s journey” in life to figure out what mine contributes and fully commit to doing all that I was intended to it do with it.

A good friend of mine just released an online card store. What is so beautiful about this is that she has always been a card person and its really not about the cards, it is more about making people feel loved and remembered. She has done this for years and now she has decided to bottle that intangible talent into something that can be sold. AMAZING.

Do you have enough faith in your intangible talent? The reason why my brother and I were jealous of my sister’s passion is because it was so obvious to us that she was using her talent! But the truth is just because mine isn’t tangible now doesn’t mean I cannot eventually use it to build the life of my dreams. It takes work and commitment! Elizabeth Gilbert explains that destiny is something we actually have to opt in to. Have you?

We draw on our talents every day- in small and big ways. When I’m the person most of my colleagues pick to have a rant to, they are validating my talent. The responses I get to this platform validate my talent! Maybe it doesn’t make me money now, but one day it will.

I have always thought that success and fulfilment in life would come from me working hard to achieve something, whatever it is. Recently I have come to understand that working hard and building a successful life is nothing if you are not engaging your talent in doing so. I’ve been studying the story of David and this whole concept of how your talent will bring you on front of kings. It is so true. In a world where everyone is becoming perfect replicas of one another how can we differentiate ourselves if not for our talents?

This weekend I rediscovered what I had always known: fulfilment will never come from my day job as long as it doesn’t allow me explore my talents. What happened is I got so busy that I stopped doing the things that utilise my unique gifts and skills. When you recognise this, you have to re-prioritise and get back on track which is what I’m on a journey to doing now.



How about you? What talents have you neglected or considered unworthy because they are unconventional or seemingly intangible? I encourage you today to really spend some time nurturing these! A seat at my dinner table or attending an event I run isn’t just like any other. It is my way to love the world and the people around me and I intend to intentionally be a source of light and life to everyone around me till the end of my days. This is now a personal mantra/mandate. Create one around your intangible talent and watch it flourish!

All my love,


Is it about WHEN or is it really about WHO?

‘Promotion without preparation will result in humiliation.’– Jumoke Adenowo

This topic today is one very close to my heart, and it has been an unfolding over the past month. Is it about WHEN or is it about WHO?

This first came up in a chat with my mum about the topic of marriage. When will you marry Seun? I said to my mum, is it really about When or is it more about WHO? The right person at the right time is a winning formula. The right person at the wrong time is just as disastrous as the wrong person at the right time. There are some decisions you make in life with both your head and your heart.

As this thought floated through my mind, I heard it again in the context of living your best life by purposefully pursuing your dreams. Is it about WHEN dream comes to fruition? Or more about WHO you are becoming in the process? With issues of the heart we adopt a preparation strategy, so why is that in life we adopt a promotion strategy? The key difference between these two is that one is all about being mindful that everything you do is not wasteful. You care about the productive power of your experiences as your character develops, whilst the other is basically living to just get to one specific goal as quickly as you can. We wouldn’t (or should i say shouldn’t) treat matters of the heart like this, so why do we think it is okay to treat our lives like this?

I hosted my first Max Your Life event which exceeded all of my dreams and expectations (video below) but at the same time I kept feeling like ‘wow compared to what I have in mind for this platform I am totally lagging behind… I need to accelerate this process.’ That may be true, but if I was in a position to do events like I do now a year ago, it would not have been as good. There is something about working diligently towards something that develops a quiet perseverance in you.

The quote for today really jumped out at me as I read it in an incredible book that in currently working through. Promotion! We all seek it in every area: socially, academically, and in the context of work. But promotion without preparation is indeed humiliation. You get a bigger stage to make mistakes when you were always meant to learn them in your quiet training ground.

It is not about WHEN you get that big break, it is about WHO you are so you can recognise when it actually arrives.

If you are in a season of serious negativity, how will you ever recognise that opportunity? If you are wildly impatient and inattentive, how will you see that small glimmer of your dreams to come?

If you are incredibly distracted and can’t have a simple moment of mental clarity, how will you hear that still voice telling you what to do next?

I have decided to see the mundane seasons as an opportunity to look inwards! Is working in this job developing the patience and perseverance in me that will help me when I have my own business?

Everything we spend our time doing teaches us something, and sometimes we just need to extract all the lessons we need before we move on to the next thing/phase. It is for our own good. Its almost like practising in the little leagues where the risk is lower before performing in the big leagues where the risk is much higher. Where would you rather train?

I know I have posed a lot of questions in this short post, but these are all questions I have asked myself. So people, is it really about WHEN or is it more about WHO?

Think about this! And appreciate the mundane seasons for what they are: low risk training sessions.




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“…The Spirit of God whets our appetite by giving us a taste of what’s ahead. He puts a little of heaven in our hearts so that we’ll never settle for less…”

I have laboured about what to write on my 25th birthday and the 2nd year anniversary of this platform for almost 6 weeks and the words just did not feel complete…until yesterday.

My 24th birthday was the most underwhelming birthday I have ever had. It was so insignificant (or so it seemed). I enjoyed the day, but I had a feeling deep down that there is more, and wow I was not prepared for what 25 would bring.

Turning 25 for me has always been a milestone I looked forward to. As a young 15 year old on a plane leaving home to go to school in England and knowing I would probably never really return to the life I was leaving, I wondered who I would be at 25. Would I have more clarity about my life? Would I be happy? Would I be successful?

So let me therefore tell you about what happened yesterday.

Maximising the ‘Earn’ by using your Soft Skills

In this quick tips post, I wanted to share three lessons I learnt as i ‘left the familiar’ in my earning dimension.

Coming out of university, I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do and I tell many people who ask me today that I still don’t. When all of my friends were applying for internships in university, I decided to just copy them. In hindsight I now know that my  journey was always meant to be like this because the lack of intentional decisions about my career is what landed me in the middle of an existential crisis 18 months into my first job. This quest for fulfilment at work was ultimately what birthed the  Earn. Dream. Share revelation.

Now, after spending nearly three years in the back office of this investment bank, I am now moving into the front office to do a more technical and challenging role and I am so excited to do so. The journey to maximising my earning dimension has not been easy, but I think there are three lessons I can share to help anyone on their own journey. Apologies in advance, if you are one of those people who has known what they want to do with their career since they were in nappies, this is not for you. However, if like me, you are on a journey that means taking opportunities and being open to challenges as you figure your ‘what’ out, welcome home. I hope these insights guide and inspire you to put this dimension in perspective and enjoy the journey to becoming.