How to live the Dream daily- Reflecting Light

“An artist has got to be careful never really to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s AT somewhere. You always have to realize that you’re constantly in a state of becoming. And, as long as you can stay in that realm you’ll sort of be alright.”- Bob Dylan

As I re-launch my website, with a clearer vision and eyes alight, I think it is quite important for me to talk a little bit about the process of finding out who your 3D self is by reviewing each dimension separately and providing some practical ways to think about developing that dimension. As I’ve expressed in many-a-post, the journey to your best self is unique and specifically meant for you to go on your own. Life is an uncovering of what we hold so deeply within and the ‘Dream’ in the Earn-Dream-Share formula is certainly the heart of the entire journey.

Conversations more recently with different people has shown that it seems like the most difficult dimension to lay hold of. I had the pleasure of hosting Arese Ugwu of the Smart Money Woman movement during her London tour and on one late night of planning, she asked me question, ‘If you could live your dream life, what would it be?’

I didn’t even need to think because I knew. My dream life is exactly the one I am living now just on a grander scale. I explained to her that I want to dress up in a Chanel suit, go to the office, run board meetings, and travel around the world sharing this 3D formula for the purpose of  awakening  people to a better life. She said this was the first time anyone had ever answered in such a way. Everyone else had articulated a life incredibly different to where they were at the present. This got me thinking: I can’t possibly be the only person who feels they are on the right track in their lives without wanting to fundamentally change everything. Can I?

No I’m most definitely not. The key difference is, the perspective I see it with. You see, I have many days where I question what I’m doing and why, but I have very few days where I do not feel like I’m ‘reflecting light’. For me ‘reflecting light’ simply means exuding a small part of my soul, the unique me, in a way that adds value to the world around me and brings a sense of being significant. Ultimately, that’s what we are all deeply craving on a day-to-day basis. The trouble is we don’t think we have anything to reflect until we get ‘there.’

I love this quote from Bob Dylan: “An artist has got to be careful never really to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s AT somewhere. You always have to realize that you’re constantly in a state of becoming and actually as long as you can stay in that realm you’ll sort of be alright.”

A secret to life is, you’ll never have the ability to do anything ‘there’ that you can’t do now because who you are won’t suddenly change when you get ‘there’. It is about committing to a journey of constantly ‘becoming’ as Bob Dylan explains. That’s the mystery of the dreaming dimension. It is constantly evolving.

My dream of becoming a bossy businesswoman or corporate exec in the future is really only the surface dream. The deeper dream is to reflect light everyday in all areas and aspects. The dream is to be on a journey to becoming because that in itself is full of purpose. That is what this platform is for me, the journey…the more I persevere, the more it’ll grow and the more I’ll learn. It’s the same for you dear friend. Rather than waiting for your life to begin to align with your dreams, why not dream a new dream today? Change perspective a little by asking yourself the simple question: Am I reflecting light today? What is MY light?

The title of this blog post, reflecting light comes from a song of the same name by Sam Phillips the amazing songwriter who scored the entire Gilmore Girls series. The Chorus goes:

‘Now that I’ve worn out
I’ve worn out the world
I’m on my knees in fascination
Looking through the night
And the moon’s never seen me before
But I’m reflecting light’

For me the moon is the world the overwhelming sense that everything is done and figured out. Sometimes we think ‘what more could I possible add as a simple individual?’

You can reflect a part of the moon that it hasn’t seen before- your own special light!  My advice? Be patiently curious and just remain being you. I challenge you, next time you close your eyes to picture your future, or you try to articulate your Dreaming dimension to not just see the big things. Try to feel the small things too and as a result commit to going on a journey.

It isn’t only fun and exciting with bumps in the road, it is fulfilling and will make perfect sense at the end. The best dreams always do.

Do you have thoughts and questions on the dreaming dimension? Fill out a contact card on or email me and Let’s chat!

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  • Amazing truth, Seun! Some of us are waiting on someday to express our light and add value, forgetting to realise that the someday is right in front of us….our someday is “now”. Everything always adds up. The destination is an illusion. The goal is not the reward but how we show up now – in the moments we are given. It is what we do in the journey that counts. We have all been given each moment to let our light shine, to add value and get better at expressing our purpose. Thank you for putting the truth out there so we can all be “woke”!


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