Is it about WHEN or is it really about WHO?

‘Promotion without preparation will result in humiliation.’– Jumoke Adenowo

This topic today is one very close to my heart, and it has been an unfolding over the past month. Is it about WHEN or is it about WHO?

This first came up in a chat with my mum about the topic of marriage. When will you marry Seun? I said to my mum, is it really about When or is it more about WHO? The right person at the right time is a winning formula. The right person at the wrong time is just as disastrous as the wrong person at the right time. There are some decisions you make in life with both your head and your heart.

As this thought floated through my mind, I heard it again in the context of living your best life by purposefully pursuing your dreams. Is it about WHEN dream comes to fruition? Or more about WHO you are becoming in the process? With issues of the heart we adopt a preparation strategy, so why is that in life we adopt a promotion strategy? The key difference between these two is that one is all about being mindful that everything you do is not wasteful. You care about the productive power of your experiences as your character develops, whilst the other is basically living to just get to one specific goal as quickly as you can. We wouldn’t (or should i say shouldn’t) treat matters of the heart like this, so why do we think it is okay to treat our lives like this?

I hosted my first Max Your Life event which exceeded all of my dreams and expectations (video below) but at the same time I kept feeling like ‘wow compared to what I have in mind for this platform I am totally lagging behind… I need to accelerate this process.’ That may be true, but if I was in a position to do events like I do now a year ago, it would not have been as good. There is something about working diligently towards something that develops a quiet perseverance in you.

The quote for today really jumped out at me as I read it in an incredible book that in currently working through. Promotion! We all seek it in every area: socially, academically, and in the context of work. But promotion without preparation is indeed humiliation. You get a bigger stage to make mistakes when you were always meant to learn them in your quiet training ground.

It is not about WHEN you get that big break, it is about WHO you are so you can recognise when it actually arrives.

If you are in a season of serious negativity, how will you ever recognise that opportunity? If you are wildly impatient and inattentive, how will you see that small glimmer of your dreams to come?

If you are incredibly distracted and can’t have a simple moment of mental clarity, how will you hear that still voice telling you what to do next?

I have decided to see the mundane seasons as an opportunity to look inwards! Is working in this job developing the patience and perseverance in me that will help me when I have my own business?

Everything we spend our time doing teaches us something, and sometimes we just need to extract all the lessons we need before we move on to the next thing/phase. It is for our own good. Its almost like practising in the little leagues where the risk is lower before performing in the big leagues where the risk is much higher. Where would you rather train?

I know I have posed a lot of questions in this short post, but these are all questions I have asked myself. So people, is it really about WHEN or is it more about WHO?

Think about this! And appreciate the mundane seasons for what they are: low risk training sessions.




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