Wait for It

“The vision will still happen at the appointed time… If it’s delayed, wait for it. It will certainly happen. It won’t be late.” – Habakkuk


It may sound simplistic but how many people actually know how to wait? In our generation even waiting for a lift is undoable without drilling through the Instagram pictures you’ve already seen numerous times to avoid awkward eye contact with another human. We have become allergic to the passing of time without activity and it is only making us more anxious and less productive. When I started off my blog now nearly three years ago I had huge dreams for the kinds of opportunities it would bring. In hindsight, its really been the perfect journey, but it has involved a mixture of excitement and lots of uncertainty.  What do you do when the waiting season seems like it will never end? When you ‘ve literally waited for breakthrough for years and there’s still nothing in sight? These are the thoughts that started my year because honestly I started to grow weary of the wait. Now, having had time to speak to people in the wait, people who have come out it and even people just starting to enter this, I am 100% sure of one thing: there is purpose in the wait. It’s not about the duration it takes, it is more about the person it makes you. So in usual fashion: Three thoughts on the WAIT.

1)     Good Things take time, the wait is worth it

I went through a season where I felt my whole 3D empowerment movement was definitely in a drought. I had stopped waiting for inspiration and started going about chasing it. There is nothing wrong with seeking inspiration, but there is a real problem with striving for it. It stops being authentic. This season I have learnt to wait for the vision, to wait for inspiration to come to me as it always has and to be comfortable in that season of waiting. For example, I stopped hosting my monthly sisterhood meetings under my church last October and since then I have had a bit of hole in my heart about what I can do for younger women. Rather than rush like I always do I just waited to get a vision for it and lo and behold, one day while I was mediating on my way to work it all just came to me in a rush! And when it came, IT CAME! A conversation about Womanhood was birthed and organised in one week! The intensity and specificity of the vision meant it all came together pretty seamlessly. What’s the lesson? A vision waited for, is a clear and specific vision which in the long term will cause you less strife.

2)     The wait is an opportunity to develop your inner-self
When things in life are not popping off, it is the perfect opportunity to look inwards. For me January was a month to search my soul a little and see how I was truly doing. I wanted to make sure all the aspects of who I am, my values, my hopes, my identity were fully secure and I could go to bed honestly proud of who I am. Apparently I’m not the only one who wants inner peace!

So many of us are striving and working so hard to be out best selves. On the road to this journey, we have to accept and acknowledge that we need some time to look inwards. This time is ultimately what will stop you for ‘busy-work’’ for the sake of it. Anything done without a vision or intention is really not worth doing at all. What does ‘looking inwards’ look like for me personally? It simply is keeping a journal and reading my bible daily. I have done so now for 44 days straight and it has transformed me. I am more peaceful, I am surer of whom I am and I’m certainly clearer. I also found that I was more creative. Do you know how you ultimately unwind and look inwards?


3)     Reimagine the concepts you don’t fully understand

In a season of waiting the extra mind space you have can be allocated intelligently to understanding things you have misunderstood. For me, I find that these are concepts like creativity, generosity, community etc. etc. These concepts are ultimately the building blocks of our lives as millennials however, we really do misunderstand them. For me I think my biggest aha moment this year has been in looking into the word creativity.

I had always assumed i was just not creative in the conventional sense and so I never really tapped into any kind of creativity in whatever I was doing. This past few weeks I have learnt that creativity is innate in all humans and it is actually our duty to express ourselves. I am creative visionary, I can plan and execute a seemingly intangible idea easily. Knowing this, means that when a vision does come, I allow myself feel it. I give myself permission to be the visionary and I don’t let self-doubt push me to a place of seeking validation and help from people that I don’t ultimately need. Don’t get me wrong no man is an island, however we sometimes let our self-doubt push us to depend on others when we really should maximise what we can do, and get help for the overflow. What concepts have you misunderstood? I’ll be writing on Community and Generosity over the next few weeks.

To end this post, (and partly why it has taken so long for me to write it) I would like to share a shorty story. A good friend of mine lived in this WAITING season for a few years. He applied to jobs and was not getting anywhere. He was determined not to settle. He spent a lot of time doing the things I mentioned above. In his season of waiting he created an online platform that combined his love for fashion, connecting people and the continent of Africa. Ultimately, he took the risk and moved back to Ghana. I got a phone call from him last week and what he told me blew my mind. The president of Ghana  appointed him Global Youth Ambassador for Diaspora relations. All those months of applying and being ridiculed for not just ‘getting a job’ at his age. Well now, he is one of the youngest government appointed officials in his country and his job is right in his lane. All those who advised that he take the conventional path can now only mutter congratulations. People, TRUST the vision in your heart. In you season of waiting get creative with it. Start what you can, but never ever lose hope.

WAIT FOR IT, Ultimately the version of yourself you are when you reach the destination is all the proof you need to show you that it was completely and totally worth it.



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