The Three Generations Shoot

Each new generation is reared by its predecessor; the latter must therefore improve in order to improve its successor. The movement is circular. -Emile Durkheim

I follow ALL the Kardashians on Instagram and I must say there is a lesson to be learnt from them- how to cultivate family. I love my family- they are the single most important people to me, so when I saw the pictures Kim had taken with her mum and grandma for her new concealer line I  KNEW i wanted to replicate this. Family however is not always easy- everyone is where they are at dealing with their own issues and concerns. I think family was Gods solution to lonliness as well as his divine  plan to create undertstandning between human beings.

This post is not a long winded essay on the ins and outs of my family- we did something fun and I would love to share it it you guys! For mothers day, I decided to organise a three generations shoot with my maternal  grandma, my mum and my sister. As I grow older, i realise that these feminine relationships on my life have truly shaped me into who I am.

So through these pictures I wanted to honour my grandma- who taught me to have faith, my mum who taught me the gift of perseverance, and my sister who taught me and still teaches me about grit and determination. It’s also so much fun to see your family dress up (in all black of-course) and get excited about doing something fun together.

Here’s a few words to them:

To Grandma Moji- Your grey hair is absolutely beautiful! I insisted to on you having it out because it is the personification of your wisdom. Thank you for teaching me to pray. Thank you for teaching me to save, and for always encouraging my faith. I don’t know how you raised a household full of 12 kids, some yours and some not, yet you managed to have a successful career and the most beautiful marriage. I cherish you and I hope to be just like you when I’m older.
To Mummy- I truly do not know a heart purer than yours. You are the epitome of vulnerability- which is why you are able to make connections with people so easily. Thank you for teaching me about generosity, not only with money but with time and hospitality. All those times I sat on the stairs and watched you host the most beautiful dinner parties did not go wasted! I find myself replicating this in my own like a little too often. You are an incredible human being and I love you dearly.

To my sissy- There is a toughness about you that still remains the most glorious mystery. You may not know this- but your sternness and refusal on all levels to not have what you want is an inspiration. You told me words that changed my life when you said: ‘you are a beacon of life to bright for untrained eyes to see.’ Well- I hope you know that so are you! I am so incredibly proud of you for chasing your dreams fearlessly and for being a constant reminder of the power of passion, creativity and talent. Thank you.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot! Thanks to my uncle Kunle Awolowo for turning our living room to a party for this really special day.

Enjoy xoxo Seun







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