Maximising the ‘Earn’ by using your Soft Skills

In this quick tips post, I wanted to share three lessons I learnt as i ‘left the familiar’ in my earning dimension.

Coming out of university, I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do and I tell many people who ask me today that I still don’t. When all of my friends were applying for internships in university, I decided to just copy them. In hindsight I now know that my  journey was always meant to be like this because the lack of intentional decisions about my career is what landed me in the middle of an existential crisis 18 months into my first job. This quest for fulfilment at work was ultimately what birthed the  Earn. Dream. Share revelation.

Now, after spending nearly three years in the back office of this investment bank, I am now moving into the front office to do a more technical and challenging role and I am so excited to do so. The journey to maximising my earning dimension has not been easy, but I think there are three lessons I can share to help anyone on their own journey. Apologies in advance, if you are one of those people who has known what they want to do with their career since they were in nappies, this is not for you. However, if like me, you are on a journey that means taking opportunities and being open to challenges as you figure your ‘what’ out, welcome home. I hope these insights guide and inspire you to put this dimension in perspective and enjoy the journey to becoming.

Success Revisited: The Millennial Crisis –A new approach to the ‘icky’ phase

Success Revisited: The Millennial Crisis –A new approach to the ‘icky’ phase

Hey Guys!

It is officially the end of summer! I am back to work fully, no holidays in sight whatsoever till Christmas and I am generally getting back into the groove of working and studying for some upcoming tests! Wish me luck.

So I will definitely start the ‘ANTI’ Series, next week, but I wanted to interject here and revisit something I wrote about this time last year (How time flies).

Then I called it the Millennial crisis.

How to Slash: A Practical Take..

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Timing your slash life: WHEN?

‘Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean its wise to do it all day long. I love coaching but the intensity of personal connection also makes it quite draining for me. I find writing extremely fulfilling but as an extrovert I need to balance it with human interaction and external stimulation. Speeches and interviews are a joy, but after a certain number of hours on stage I have nothing left! I couldn’t do any of these things as solitary endeavour, but when I combine them in the right proportions each enables the others.’ – Michela Lecher career coach/writer/speaker (excerpt Marci Alboher- One Life/Multiple Careers)