#QuickTips feat. FK -Networking


I was having a conversation with my friend Feyikemi about her recent trip to the Harvard Business Conference and she was so excited about it! She told me so many stories of how she was inspired by speakers, met great entrepreneurs etc. What struck me though, was how much she had LEARNT from being in that environment. It was one of those chats you wish you could bottle up and pass on to someone else. This ‘3D Tips’ feature will be just that! When I have inspiring chats with people I will get them to summarize it later into 3 tips that I can share with you all. So, I’m so pleased to have her share these with you in her own words! For anyone thinking about tips for networking, or putting yourself amongst the best in your field, this one is for you!! Enjoy!!


Taking Risks and Keeping a 3D View..
Quote of the day: ‘Life and especially your career path is not a straight road, it is about trialling and failing, about enjoying and disliking what you do and most especially it’s about having fun and loving what you do’- RR 

Hey Guys!

So this week we have another 3D Titan feature..this time from a close colleague of mine Rob.

Rob is just one of those people you know has a lot of experience in life. This was what drew me to him almost two year ago in New York. We met at analyst training and we’ve been colleagues and friends since. I have been bugging him about sharing some of his thoughts with you guys and I’ve finally got him to agree to be this week’s 3-D titan.

Before we see his answers to all things earning, dreaming, sharing, let me tell you about Rob from my perspective. A very intelligent guy, moved to London with a suitcase and not much else to make something of himself from a German village. Rob got a degree, and then started his on hospitality business, which he sold later on. He combines an entrepreneurial spirit with a unique view on humanity. At work, he is at my desk every second with a new idea, or an interesting perspective. At dinner in New York once, with my sister and another friend, Rob told his story and we were in tears. He embodies a self-made man, so I hope his view gives you some inspiration about getting your dimensions in check this week!

3D Titan: FISAYO

Life-Styling and Living On her Own Terms.

Quote of the day: ‘I’m so determined to be part of building a generation of fearless people who take control of their lives and live life on their own terms.’ – Fisayo Longe

Hey Guys!
So this week, I’m so honoured and excited to feature the first 3-D titan… Fisayo Longe of Mirror Me. Like I explained previously, in these 3-D titan features, we will be hearing from people of our generation who are living out their earning, dreaming and sharing dimensions in a inspiring way. Many of our titans will have taken risks and deviated from the standard norms to create a version of success that is personal to them. Fisayo is definitely no exception.
I always knew she would be the first titan because I’ve watched her embrace her dreams with such boldness and passion that it’s definitely been an inspirational story to me!

……………Fisayo’s 3-D Venn………..

….….On Her 3 dimensions………………..
I love how Seun sets out the 3 dimensions as the 3 keys to living a full life. I realised in the past year and a half that I couldn’t maximize my full potential and live my best life until my Earning and Dreaming dimensions were intertwined and almost one and the same. I’ve always been an all or nothing person in every aspect of my life and I really needed those two things to merge. So, up until November last year (OMG, it’s almost been a year! Time flies when you’re trying to find your feet!), my 3 dimensions were as below.