The Three Generations Shoot

Each new generation is reared by its predecessor; the latter must therefore improve in order to improve its successor. The movement is circular. -Emile Durkheim

I follow ALL the Kardashians on Instagram and I must say there is a lesson to be learnt from them- how to cultivate family. I love my family- they are the single most important people to me, so when I saw the pictures Kim had taken with her mum and grandma for her new concealer line I  KNEW i wanted to replicate this. Family however is not always easy- everyone is where they are at dealing with their own issues and concerns. I think family was Gods solution to lonliness as well as his divine  plan to create undertstandning between human beings.

This post is not a long winded essay on the ins and outs of my family- we did something fun and I would love to share it it you guys! For mothers day, I decided to organise a three generations shoot with my maternal  grandma, my mum and my sister. As I grow older, i realise that these feminine relationships on my life have truly shaped me into who I am.

So through these pictures I wanted to honour my grandma- who taught me to have faith, my mum who taught me the gift of perseverance, and my sister who taught me and still teaches me about grit and determination. It’s also so much fun to see your family dress up (in all black of-course) and get excited about doing something fun together.

Here’s a few words to them:

To Grandma Moji- Your grey hair is absolutely beautiful! I insisted to on you having it out because it is the personification of your wisdom. Thank you for teaching me to pray. Thank you for teaching me to save, and for always encouraging my faith. I don’t know how you raised a household full of 12 kids, some yours and some not, yet you managed to have a successful career and the most beautiful marriage. I cherish you and I hope to be just like you when I’m older.
To Mummy- I truly do not know a heart purer than yours. You are the epitome of vulnerability- which is why you are able to make connections with people so easily. Thank you for teaching me about generosity, not only with money but with time and hospitality. All those times I sat on the stairs and watched you host the most beautiful dinner parties did not go wasted! I find myself replicating this in my own like a little too often. You are an incredible human being and I love you dearly.

To my sissy- There is a toughness about you that still remains the most glorious mystery. You may not know this- but your sternness and refusal on all levels to not have what you want is an inspiration. You told me words that changed my life when you said: ‘you are a beacon of life to bright for untrained eyes to see.’ Well- I hope you know that so are you! I am so incredibly proud of you for chasing your dreams fearlessly and for being a constant reminder of the power of passion, creativity and talent. Thank you.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot! Thanks to my uncle Kunle Awolowo for turning our living room to a party for this really special day.

Enjoy xoxo Seun







United in Cause

“Unity is vision; it must have been part of the process of learning to see.”
― Henry Adams

Hey Guys!!

I have been MIA I must admit and I am sorry! I have had an incredibly busy end to the amazing month of April. Did you guys enjoy the focus on discipline? Did it help? Did you begin to internalise the importance of cultivating good habits and the power of repetition? I really hope you did.

I think the main thing that the month taught me, is something that continues to be a theme in my life: that everything that is good takes some time to grow and develop. Nothing is instant, and even things that look like overnight successes almost always have years of work behind them. (More on this particular revelation later)

These past few days I have been at my Church’s annual Women’s Conference called Colour. I am sure those of you who follow me on social media have seen snippets of it! I spent my 3 days with a massive group of 11,000 women, embedded in my own small group of 30. I have been attending colour for four years now, this was my fourth and honestly it really gets better and better. There is something about uniting for a cause greater than yourself, and being in an atmosphere of faith that has the ability to lift your spirit even when you are very low. For anyone wondering what is was like, my friend Abiola of put together a short video which you can watch here.

Today though I want to leave you with a simple thought which I will also continue next week. The April challenge has been very Self-focused. We have made an effort to kind of ‘go it alone,’ in the effort to instil some personal practices that can enhance our abilities to form and maintain good habits. One thing we didn’t discuss was the role other people play because this is absolutely KEY.

I love the quote of today: ‘Unity is vision, it must have been part of the process of learning to see.’

These past few days at colour could not have reiterated that point more strongly. We were built for community and having a good set of people around you or in your energy space is so crucial to success and happiness, and most importantly: CLARITY. I believe the reason why Colour conference is so special is due to its unique ability to foster communities. The group I attended conference with did contain some of my best friends, but also had people I quite frankly did not know well at all. What was interesting though was that it felt the same with everyone. We were united in CAUSE. When there is purpose adorning a relationship, it will propel you towards your goals. That was what I experienced at colour! 11,000 women united in cause, which then fostered healing, connections, creativity and peace communally, but also very personally.

My question to you guys is this, do you have the kind of unity with people that inspires clarity of vision? This is so crucial. The same way I cannot work out successfully if I don’t have Josh screaming down my back, is the same way I cannot stretch into my purpose in life if I don’t have the confidence and backing of God pushing me forward. I truly believe personally that God is that guiding force in the spirit realm, but in the natural you can also lean on people to provide support and guidance. I am blessed with a good group of peers who constantly affirm, challenge and inspire me. Some I know personally, some I don’t know at all! Just by reading their work, or listening to them speak I feel inspired. Some of you may be thinking that you don’t have friends who inspire you or make you better and so this is not relevant. That’s not true! You need to go back to the basics and ask yourself this: what are my relationships are based on? Where do I get inspiration? If the answer has nothing to do with purpose then you might have to re-consider the point of it. We are also blessed with so much access through social media! Follow some inspiring people on these platforms that will help you get some of your own creative juices flowing. In the same vain though, constantly listening to negative words and voices can actually begin to chip away at your own clarity. We can become polluted by bad indulgences or uplifted by good ones. We need to be more intentional about what we allow into our ever get spaces.

I’ll share something quite personal that happened to me at Colour with you guys. I already told the story about how a friend’s encouragement caused me to start Well I am actually someone who has doubts about my abilities and myself sometimes. I don’t think it comes from an insecure place, it just comes from an unsure place. So, there I was at Colour conference listening to my amazing pastor Bobbie Houston speaking so eloquently about the abilities of women, thinking to myself, where is this entire vision going? Is what I do helping anyone? I did not voice these concerns out to anyone. Anyways, on the last day a friend of mine took my notebook. When she returned it I was so CLEAR. She had gotten a couple of the girls to write encouraging words throughout the pages so I would find them as I wrote In my notebook. I was so moved because they did not know how much that simple act solved an internal mini-crisis I was having. It gave me clarity, and reassurance again. This was born out of a sense of unity.

What is my point? You are not meant to go at it alone! We all need an encourager alongside us for this journey through life. Although I was deeply moved by such a great act of kindness, I was not shocked because I am the world’s biggest cheerleader for my friends. So, you may think I am lucky to have a nice group of people around me. I most definitely am, but I also believe every desire we have in other people starts to manifest when we put it out there ourselves.

So dear friends, regardless of where you are on your journey, do not underestimate your ability to lift someone with your words, or their ability to influence you positively!

Who are you united with?

Share your story with me!

All my love,




Hey All!!

So I’ll admit it, my weekend was totally taken over by House of Cards season 4. I just cannot get enough of that show. It is just SO addictive- so much so that President Obama famously tweeted ‘No Spoilers Please’ on the eve of its Season 2 premier. So yes, I’ve been a little distracted from my writing this week. Anyways that aside- I hope you all had a good week and like last week’s post on positively affirming yourself. It is so important!

This week I was reading an amazing book called Girl Boss by Sophia Amaruso and indeed she spoke of the same principle, and alluded to its significance in her success story. For those of you who don’t know her, she is the founder of an company worth over 100 million which she started in her early twenties. The book is incredible, and I’ll be doing a deeper dive into some of its lessons and relevance to our 3D lives later on, but for today, since it was Mother’s day here in London last Sunday, and is International Women’s Day this week too, I wanted to focus on something else.

A charity I absolutely love has launched a ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign which encourages people to talk about the women that have inspired them throughout their lives, and post a message of it on social media with the hash tag #sheinspiresme. I think this is such a great idea so I’ve been pulling together some thoughts of my own on people who have truly inspired me. So I am dedicating this post to a couple of women in my life who have inspired me to be a better version of myself.

First and foremost, my mum. I usually think it is really cheesy to say ‘my mum inspires me’ because everyone will say that, it’s sort of a given right? WRONG. Not everyone’s mum actually does inspire him or her. My mum is tenacious. There’s a certain fire that I know I could have only gotten from her. She also has the most tender and sweet side. She is brave and one thing she has taught me, which I don’t even think she knows is that every experience you go through is an opportunity to help someone who may be in your shoes someday by sharing it with them. If someone can learn from your mistakes and make their life better then it was worth it. There really isn’t a more selfless way to look at life, and for that I’m blessed to have her as that constant example.

Let’s get rid of ‘Giving Back’

Quote of the day: ‘Service is the rent we pay for our time on earth’.

Happy New Year My loves!!

Welcome to 2016 !

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from work over the Christmas period and I honestly could not be feeling more positive and happy to be back in the grind of things. Note: this is the kind of euphoric feeling a long holiday can give you. So for those of you who didn’t take a break- plan for one this year!

I’m very pleased to tell you all that one of my 2016 goals is already in action as I have been working on my website and you can actually ready today’s email as a post on it here!

Today, I wanted to share about the SHARING dimension, because I don’t think I gave it a lot of love in 2015. I think having a think about a way to serve other people/ things other than ourselves is a good way to start the year.

This Christmas, one of my favourite days was the 3rd of January. I think I mentioned this in the last post, but I actually run an NGO alongside 7 incredible women, which is called Teach A Girl Nigeria. Its main goal is to provide education opportunities to girls from low income backgrounds. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but we spent the year in 2015 really building our structure, understanding our roles and building our relationships with the community. By the end of the year we had 2 girls in our program and have raised enough money to take on three more this year.

So on the 3rd, we packed some food we had donated and made our way to Makoko and also to a new community Sabokoji. It was amazing! We had to take a canoe to the region, but the people were so lovely, they hosted us offering us water even though they had so little. It was a really humbling experience.